TOMO Machine

The Tomography systems used at the Biting Edge produce consistent images that pinpoint TMJ disorders, locate exact implant locations and provide a host of other diagnostic imaging for precise treatment planning.

Far superior to its predecessors, the TOMO machines can accomplish complex motions (offering various angles from which to capture images), smart technology that adjusts to the unique alignment of individuals’ oral structure, and constant magnification that results in non-distorted, accurate and superior images.


The Panorex X-Ray system assists in a complete diagnosis by allowing for a panoramic, single-picture view of your entire oral area. This is accomplished by rotating the specialized machine around your head for about 10 seconds—achieving a high quality X-Ray of your entire mouth.


Cephalometrics is an incredible technology that allows us to take an X-Ray image of your mouth, jaw and skull and digitally file the X-Ray. This computer image can then be viewed and manipulated in various computer programs in order to better diagnose dental problems, as well as assist us with treatment plans.

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