Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Tooth Whitening brightens up your entire face, and it is a procedure that is constantly in demand. Dr.Smith takes the time to make sure your results look natural while ensuring your comfort and safety throughout your tooth whitening treatment. The results Dr. Smith offers are more dramatic and lasting than other methods of teeth whitening.

Regardless of how well you care for your teeth, it is inevitable that, over time, some yellowing or discoloration will occur. This gradual change can be caused by aging, substances that stain your teeth (such as coffee and tobacco), excessive fluoride, or the deterioration of a tooth’s nerve. A tooth whitening treatment can be performed either as an at-home, dentist-supervised process or in the dentist’s chair. While neither of these methods stops future discoloration, these tooth whitening treatments bring about whiter teeth and help create a brighter smile


Zoom! is one of the fastest teeth-whitening systems that is versatile to fit your needs. Within an hour in our office, your teeth can be up to 8 shades whiter while you wait comfortably during the process. Or take Zoom! home and after three consecutive nights of applying the take-home Whitening Gel, you’ll see results up to six shades whiter.

Zoom! is a gentle, effective and long-lasting way to keep your smile at its brightest. For more information or to schedule a consultation appointment, please Contact Us. 

Nite White

Nite White is a fast, safe and effective way to a healthier looking, brighter smile. The gel, worn overnight for 7-10 consecutive nights, noticeably brightens teeth reducing discoloring caused by beverages, tobacco, aging and other factors.

Day White

Day White is a twice-daily, 30 minute gel system that whitens teeth simply and safely. This dentist-prescribed system is a great way to get professional whitening results at home.

Tres White

Tres White is another whitening system for self-application that is easy to use and extremely effective. The Biting Edge will review the various teeth whitening options available and will determine which solution will have the best results for your needs.

For more information or to schedule a consultation appointment, please call our office at 602.279.7312 or Contact Us.