Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry turns an average smile into a noticed smile. With the advent of new materials and techniques everybody can have the natural beautiful smiles of there dreams. To accomplish this, we analyze several aspects of a smile and correct the problems. The goal is:

•Straight, not crooked, teeth

•Evenly spaced teeth without gaps

•White teeth that are not stained

•Top teeth show when you smile.

•A smooth, even gumline

•Edges of the top teeth smoothly follow the curve of the lower lip

All of these objectives can be achieved through cosmetic procedures. A remarkable smile is attainable for even the most severe dental cases.


Tooth Colored Onlays vs. Silver Amalgam

For decades, dentists have had to use unsightly—even potentially hazardous materials, like mercury—to fill decaying teeth. Silver amalgam fillings can expand with age and break down, often leading to renewed decay, and eventually requiring a crown.

New materials, such as composite resins and porcelain, are giving people with fillings a much better, risk-free option. The benefits of resin and ceramic onlays include:

•Restoration to nearly the full strength of the original tooth

•Removal of less of the original tooth, making the tooth stronger and less likely to crack or break, or necessitate a crown down the road

•Healthier for gums, with their tooth-colored composite allowing them to be placed above the gumline

•Resins contain fluoride, which can help prevent new decay

•Resins and ceramics can be matched to your exact tooth color, giving you a uniform, natural smile

Whether you replace just one or all of your fillings with resin or ceramic onlays, you will be confident in their natural feeling and beautiful appearance.


A veneer is a thin shell of porcelain or plastic that is bonded to a tooth, improving color and shape. Veneers, which generally cover the front of the tooth, are used to close spaces between teeth, lengthen small or misshapen teeth, or whiten stained or dark teeth. Veneers also restore chipped and worn teeth, giving them renewed brilliance and durability.

Impressions of your teeth create perfect models on which veneers are flawlessly crafted for each tooth. Adhesive bonds the veneers to existing teeth, and a harmless, high-intensity light sets them permanently.

Once in place, veneers virtually become part of the existing teeth, resulting in strength and beauty with a natural looking smile.


At-Home Whitening

Over time, food and beverages such as coffee, tea, sodas, wines and berries, can penetrate and permanently stain teeth. Tobacco products are another culprit in darkening teeth, often resulting in a yellow or brownish tone. Even a long life of use can give teeth a discolored or dimmed appearance. These harmless, but noticeable traits can be corrected through prescribed at-home whitening systems.

Prescribed teeth whitening systems safely and effectively reverse the appearance of discolored teeth. Whitening gel is formulated specifically for you that forces oxygen through the teeth, without damaging tooth enamel or gums

An examination is performed in which impressions are made of your teeth. A perfect replica is designed from these impressions, and becomes the ‘trays’ which fit tightly over your teeth. At home, these trays can be filled with whitening gel and worn for several hours a day, or even while you sleep—resulting in noticeably whiter, brighter teeth within the first two to three weeks of treatment.

Click here for more details on our teeth whitening systems.

Our comprehensive diagnostic processes and the services we offer ensure your smile is always bright and healthy.

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