Electrodiagnosis, JVA/BioPack


Using BioPak systems, used in conjunction with T-scan technology and our complete X-Ray series, we are able to analyze a variety of oral-related problems and determine the best method of treatment.

  • BioJVA (joint vibration analysis) recordings point out problematic joint issues
  • BioEGN (JT-3 jaw tracker) determines jaw balance and alignment
  • BioEMG II (8 channel electromyograph) shows head and neck muscle function
  • BioTENS (ULF-TENS) is a device that induces relaxation of the head and neck to decrease pain and discomfort with the use of prescription medication.

Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)

Using Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA), we are able to quickly distinguish healthy jaw joints from problematic joints. This system of measuring joint vibration (healthy joints produce few vibrations while problematic joints produce higher vibration feedback) helps identify possible joint issues such as degeneration, cartilage tears, perforations, and mechanical displacements. TMJ problems is one example of the type of diagnosis JVA identifies. This short, non-invasive process helps diagnosis joint problems and the appropriate treatment options.

Dr. Smith works hand in hand with the industry leaders in electo-diagnosis to educate other doctors on advanced diagnosis technologies.

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